Sunday, June 12

Giovanni Lami
Nicola Ratti

Giovanni Lami (IT)Tapes, Electronics
Nicola Ratti (IT): Modular System, Electronics

Sunday, June 19

Ephraim Wegner

@C (PRT): Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela: Electronics, Multichannel Diffusion
Ephraim Wegner (DE): Electronics Multichannel Diffusion

The concerts are part of the show In a Good Shape, with works of Martin Chramosta, Sonia Kacem, Brigham Baker and David Hanes, curated by Sébastien Peter.
The events are organized in collaboration with Klappfon and Michael Zaugg.

Giovanni Lami is a field recordist and musician who works within the boundaries of soundscape and sound-ecology. At Schwarzwaldallee he will present the work BIAS, an investigation of sounds in-between sounds, small sounds, details away from the surface. Treating the magnetic tape as a substrate for rough, derby and indefinite sound surfaces that evolve through time, he creates the conditions that allow and accelerate this process. In a project related to memory and emptiness, tapes were buried for months in different environmental conditions, degrading the ferromagnetic material and plastic support in unpredictable and irreversible ways. These tapes are then recycled and used to develop each performance, used to collect sounds and static from the performance space, its environment and the equipment itself.

Nicola Ratti holds a rich history in the world of experimental and minimalist composition. Polyhydric musician and sound designer, active since many years on the international experimental music scene, his approach is focused on beat-analogue experimentation and sound installation. Beside his solo project, he is currently working with Giuseppe Ielasi, with whom he formed the project entitled Bellows, Tilde, a trio with Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli. He regularly plays in all Europe, Russia and Nord America. Ratti creates absorbing world of rhythmic idiosyncrasies, otherworldly tonal experiments, minimalist moments of beauty, and understated environments of menace and suspense.